We have vast experience finding your critter where ever it may be hiding and our mission is to get you pest free as quickly as possible.


We use all the latest and most humane methods while removing your unwanted guest, adhering to all state and federal laws.


Here at All Humane Wildlife we are experts in permanant removal of your unwanted wildlife, we wont rest until we get your pest!

Why Remove Wildlife?

Bats - can carry rabies and their fecal matter guano is extremely toxic and a dangerous health hazard to humans.

Squirrells and raccoons are destructive to your homes interior and exterior.

Mice - chew electrical wires and food containers and nest in precious personal belonging. Leaving their feces in your food, cabinets.and other storage ares.

Beavers will cause flooding when they dam lakes streams and ponds.

Foxes and coyote have been known to eat small dogs and cats and protentially be dangerous to babies playing in the yard.